Sunday, May 02, 2010

Articles of Interest April 30 and May 1

Mind Over Meds
In this article from last week's New York TImes Magazine, the author, a psychiatrist, presents his argument for the reintegration of actual psychotherapy in his psychiatric practice.  He argues, I believe correctly, that many tend to diagnose based on a set of assumed problems without exploring the basis for the problems.  What ends up happening is you have many people on psychiatric meds who would be better off with therapy, but don't receive the care and compassion needed to work through the problems that have presented. 

Living Without Stevens: How will the Supreme Court behave when he’s gone?
This article presents an interesting analysis of the challenges faced with replacing a justice on the supreme court.  If the goal is some sort of balance, the problem lies in where one draws the line.  As is clear from this piece, not all judges consistently rule according to "party" lines.  Of course, judges should be more conscious of judicial decisions without concern for whether it is liberal or conservative; instead, a justice on the supreme court needs to render decisions based on their "objective" read of the law. 

The Bomb Squad: The only thing worse than a U.S. attack on Iran would be an Israeli one.
This article provides one perspective on the ramifications of a US attack on Iran as opposed to an Israeli attack.  The author is not advocating for any attack on Iran, but feels with the US military might, both in number and in type of weaponry, that it would be a more reasonable expectation that Iran nuclear facilities would be crippled. 

Newark archbishop questions plan for Seton Hall University gay marriage class
It is interesting to see the question of inquiry being debated in a Catholic University.  I wonder if the same class would be considered at Yeshiva University or would the same challenge apply.  My hunch would be the question would never be discussed.


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